No Paul Young

I haven't seen Paul Young in concert since I was about 18. I drove up to San Francisco with a few girlfriends and we saw him at the Kabuki theater. I had already missed George Michael who was performing in Lucca, so I absolutely didn't want to miss Paul Young.

My friend Haruko had agreed to come with me to a Blues and Wine Soul Festival where Paul Young would be performing along with Earth, Wind, & Fire. We were going to buy tickets before the show at the Box Office downtown, but after Haruko called the cell phone number on the website, the guy said that we could just buy tickets when we got there.

We arrived at Le Cascine around 9PM. There weren't a lot of people and we didn't hear any music playing at all. The concert was supposed to have started already, but it seemed rather quiet. We walked up to the sportello (window) to buy the tickets and I saw a small sign that read, "Per ragioni di malessere, Paul Young non farÓ i tre brani. (Due to a slight illness, Paul Young will not sing the three songs.)" My heart sank. I asked the woman at the sportello, "Ma non viene per niente Paul Young? (But, Paul Young is not coming at all?)" She said no, and I told her, "Ci devo pensare un'attimo. (I have to think about it a minute.)"

Because my main reason to go to this concert was to see Paul Young, we decided not to go at all. Instead we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. The night turned out well because we had fun together, but I really was disappointed at not being able to hear Paul Young in concert especially since he doesn't come to Italy often, and Florence even less.

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