Back in full swing

The street below my apartment that goes along the Arno river was packed this morning with cars, motorini (scooters), vans, trucks, buses, and bicycles. The tourists and other pedestrians walk single-file along the narrow sidewalk toward as well as away from the Ponte Vecchio.

If 85% of the people returned to Florence last week, it's now up to 100% today. The difference sounds minimal, but in fact it is quite significant. That small percentage is noticeable all around.

At the mercato (market) this morning, it seemed to be as it was before: busy and crowded with people. But, I must say that even though August was pleasantly quiet, I did miss the hustle-bustle of the city.

All the palestre (gyms), activity groups, and almost all the classes are finally open in September. The city seems to be reborn in September with new and/or remodeled restaurants, new shops, and many other changes abound. This is the time of year that I love to walk around and see what has been brewing all summer.

I am happy living in Florence whether it is crowded or deserted. I enjoy the ebb and flow of my city. I love how it is not stagnant and like the seasons is ever changing. And, I absolutely love how new life is infused into this city in September.

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