Drive along the coast

After getting married in Los Angeles, we drove up along the coast to spend one night in Big Sur. Unfortunately, many of the hotels were booked for Friday night, so we stayed at the first nice hotel that had a vacancy. We ended up in a beautiful suite looking out over the ocean. It was amazing listening to the ocean crashing along the shore and seeing the sun set into the water.

Living in Florence :: Drive along the coast

Because the area is not developed, there are very few restaurants around. Most of the restaurants seemed to be connected to hotels. We arrived rather late at the hotel, so we made reservations at our hotel's restaurant.

It was our first dinner alone as a newly married couple. We wanted to order champagne to celebrate, but were too exhausted from the past few days of preparing and all the driving.

We left early this morning so that we could arrive in the Bay Area to spend some time with my niece. On Highway 1, we stopped for breakfast at a small café that had free wireless Internet. Alessandro thinks that the US is so advanced because I was able to open up my computer and surf the Internet within a few seconds.

Our visit to Big Sur was short, but we both hope we will come back again for a longer amount of time. Alessandro was very impressed with the coast and ended up taking many, many pictures.

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