First 49ers game

Alessandro had wanted to go to a professional baseball, basketball, or football game while we were in the US, so I bought tickets for the 49ers game over the Internet. I had never been to a professional football game, but was able to tell Alessandro a bit about tailgate parties and some of the rules of the game.

Living in Florence :: First 49ers game

We arrived only an hour before the game, drove around the stadium to find parking that cost us $40 even though most of the other parking lots were $25, and arrived just in time for the kick-off.

We quickly reached our seats, sat down, and began watching the game. Alessandro took photos of the players and the cheerleaders who were right in front of us. After a few minutes, we went up to get hot dogs and Cokes. I can't remember the last time I had a hot dog, but I do know my last Coke was on the 4th of July with Sarah at Rose's this year.

Alessandro was surprised that people were constantly moving around and eating. I remember that when I went to my first partita di calcio (soccer match) to watch the Fiorentina, once we sat down, we couldn't and didn't move. People don't generally walk around during the partita, but also it's impossible because our knees were touching the seats in front of us.

Many people left the game early as the 49ers were not winning. The stadium was full when we arrived and by the end of the fourth quarter, we saw mostly empty seats.

We walked out of the stadium and people were having barbecues and drinking. He was happily surprised to see people from different teams being social with each other because most soccer fans in Italy wouldn't consider being seen with the opposing team's fans.

I doubt we'll ever go to another football game because Alessandro said there was too much tempi morti (dead time). And, I understand since I just recently went to a partita di calcio earlier this month: the guys raced around the campo (field) for over an hour and a half.

Maybe the next time we go to the US, we'll go to a basketball game. I think the game is much faster paced and not much tempi morti.

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