Alessandro's friends

Over the past few days, I have called or seen most of my friends to tell them the news of our getting married while Alessandro has been stopping by to see his friends to surprise them with the wonderful news and to show pictures of our wedding. All of his friends have accepted and welcomed me with open arms from the beginning, which has made me incredibly happy. Many of them were kind enough to remember my birthday and send me text messages for my birthday. And, a few of them were invited to my birthday party dinner because we have become so close already in such a short amount of time.

With a few of my past boyfriends, I have had a few uncomfortable situations in which the friends didn't accept or welcome me even after a long period of time. So, I have learned to be cautious when meeting boyfriend's friends. In my relationship with Alessandro's friends, I have tried to be open to them and at the same time I have tried not to expect them to accept me right away. To my surprise, they have been amazing and welcomed me immediately.

All of his friends have since called or sent me text messages telling me how happy they are to hear about our nozze (wedding).

I even feel that some of his friends have become even better friends of mine since we have gotten married. As their messages to me show how much they do care about Alessandro and me. So, not only have I gained a wonderful husband and loving in-laws, but I have also become friends with people whom I appreciate and care about and who appreciate and care a great deal about me.

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