Changing to another commercialista

After my last appuntamento (appointment) with the other commercialista (public accountant) on Monday, I wasn't feeling very positive and ask around to find another one. I talked to three people and received three new referrals. I decided on one woman whom I talked to over the telephone on Wednesday and decided that I wanted to meet up with her right away. I accepted her first available appuntamento which was this morning.

I first called the other commercialista to tell him that I changed my mind before calling the new woman. I dragged my feet around before calling him because I felt a little guilty deciding not to work with him, but I knew it was the right decision for me.

I took a taxi with my friend Katie who needed a new commercialista too to the woman's office. I was hoping the woman was as good as my friend told me because I was also bringing someone else to meet her.

We were sitting in the sala d'attesa (waiting room) when the new commercialista arrived. She took off her coat and left it at the door. She greeted us and asked which one of us wanted to go first. We didn't discuss it, but I thought I'd go first.

Her strong, yet sweet, voice and welcoming smile made me feel comfortable right away. I told her about my situation and she gave me some advice. I had a feeling that one of the things the other commercialista told me was incorrect and she validated that for me.

I asked her about payment and she was much clearer with me and told me that she'd first give me a preventivo (quote) and then we could discuss it if necessary. I do understand that the price depends on how much work they need to do, but she did give me a ballpark figure that I can live with.

I walked out of her office about a half an hour later and was content with our meeting. So much so that I made an appointment to see her in January about moving forward.

My friend and I walked back toward the Duomo and were both very pleased with how things went. Sometimes things just fall easily into place and should be celebrated. To find a commercialista that we like and trust is a true gift.

I feel as if next year will be rather exciting for me to start a new attivitą (activity) in Italy. As I have been mainly working in the US, I will now be able to work in Italy. Many offers that I previously had to turn down, I can now accept.

And with my new commercialista, I feel much more supported. I feel as if no matter what comes up, she will be the person I can ask questions to and receive honest and well-informed answers.

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