Si fa gli auguri

I have finally learned that when my friends say, "Ci si vede per farsi gli auguri. (Let's meet up to give each other our best wishes.)" I know that they mean that they have a pensierino (small gift) for me. In years past, I just thought we'd meet up, have a meal or a caffè, and that was it. It wasn't until I would see my friends carrying a gift that I realized what they really meant.

And, I was always uncomfortable when they handed me a pensierino and I had nothing for them. I wanted to run out and buy something immediately.

Unfortunately, I'm more the type to see something for someone and buy it. But, because I'm so excited about the pensierino that I did buy, I have to give it to them right away. I don't see why I should wait for their birthday or Christmas.

Of course, that means that I have to hunt for a pensierino when it comes time for their birthday or Christmas.

This year, I got a pensierino for most of my friends. Only one girl gave me something and I had nothing in return. We work together and we were planning to meet up for work. I should've known when she told me, "Si prende un aperitivo e si fa gli auguri. (We'll grab an apéritif and give each other our best wishes.)"

When she handed me the pensierino at the end of our aperitivo, I felt guilty for not having got her anything. Maybe the next time I see her, I'll have something for her. Since I don't know when her birthday is, it'll have to be a spontaneous pensierino.

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