A sunny Tuesday

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny sky with mild temperatures, around 12C (53F). The past few days it has been cloudy and grey, so when the sun was shining brightly, I felt happier and couldn't wait to go outside. I walked to the mercato (market), chatted with my friends who work there, and bought some fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, and meat.

Because I don't live as close to the mercato as I did when I first moved to Florence, I usually ride my bicicletta (bicycle) there and fill up my cestino (basket) with as much as I can balance on my bicicletta.

I no longer get to see my previous macellaio (butcher) as he is now pensionato (retired). I saw him a few weeks ago and chatted with him in the hallway. He only works a few mornings and on Saturdays, when I almost never go.

I also do a lot of shopping near my house on via dei Neri. I usually go to one ortolano (greengrocer) and then the other one during the week. I like them both and don't want to play favorites. I found a great pescheria (fish market) in via dei Cerchi, which I like a lot. We have a macellaio in via dei Neri as well, but his selection of meats isn't as extensive as what those at the mercato have. I buy meat from him every now and again when I want a fresh bistecca (steak).

There's also a small supermercato (supermarket) in corso dei Tintori where I go when I need to get some staples. It's very handy, but I do miss going to the Coop near Piazza Beccaria. As soon as the weather warms up, I'll head down there on my bicicletta. Today was definitely warmer, but I had to choose between going to the mercato and the Coop. And, I love going to the mercato so much that it was an easy choice.

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