The sun is out!

It's been a few days that the sun has been hiding. So, this morning when I saw that the sun was out, I had to go outside as well. I had nothing specific planned, but I just wanted to go out into the sun. I walked out my front door and just headed for the Arno where I could see the sun shining brightly.

Living in Florence :: The sun is out!

I walked along the Arno and across the Ponte alle Grazie. I wasn't the only one who thought about taking a stroll along the river and bask a little in the sun.

I strolled along the other side of the Arno; however, because it was shady, I went back to Ponte alle Grazie. I stood on the bridge facing the Ponte Vecchio and took a few pictures. Cars and motorini (scooters) went across the bridge in both directions and a few people passed me by as well.

I crossed Ponte alle Grazie to contemplate San Niccolò. For some reason, the buildings seem more vibrant and colorful to me and I love taking pictures of them. Maybe it's also because the small colline (hills) in the background remind me that the countryside is so close to Florence.

The water levels have lowered in the Arno, but I still find it enchanting that I can't keep my eyes off of it. I peered over the bridge and watched the water flowing.

The temperatures weren't as warm as I would've liked, so after a few minutes feeling a cold breeze come along the river, I decided that the sun wasn't enough to warm me up.

I walked back to our apartment and enjoyed looking at the sun from the windows. During the day, I watch the sun as it slips to the other side of the city and then disappears. All I hope for is that it'll be out tomorrow in a clear sky as it did today.

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