Fiera del cioccolato artigianale

Instead of being outside the centro (downtown area) like it was last year, the Fiera del cioccolato artigianale is being held in Piazza Santa Croce. Last year we had to buy tickets to enter and this year, it's free. Because of my limited amount of free time these days, I decided to swing by this evening before it ends on Sunday.

Living in Florence :: Fiera del cioccolato artigianale

I walked around the booths and noticed that most of the booths were the same ones that I saw last year. The chocolate looked delicious, but I didn't feel drawn to try anything. I wanted to take a picture of the chocolate Palazzo Vecchio, but there was always someone standing in front of it. I don't like fighting my way through the crowds so I just walked around and checked everything out.

I enjoyed looking at all the different chocolates that were on display. More people seemed to be serving cioccolata calda (hot chocolate). Last year, only one booth had it and it was the most crowded one. What I enjoyed last year was that I was motivated to get samples because we received a number of coupons to get them from any of the booths. I perused a booth, handed the person my coupon, and requested a sample.

Because it was free to enter, more people walked around like me and didn't buy anything. I might try to return before it ends, but not on Sunday, which is usually the busiest day because most of the shops are closed and people like to fare una passeggiata in centro (walk around downtown).

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