No Internet

Having no Internet is probably one of the biggest inconveniences that could happen to me. I am always on the Internet and couldn't even move apartments until it was up and working. It suddenly went off on Monday morning: I was on the Internet and then I was off. At first I didn't call technical support because it has gone off before twice in six months for a few hours and then comes back on. After a few hours, I finally decided to call FastWeb to see if they could look into it.

The first thing they told me to do was reset the modem. I had only tried to unplug the modem and then plug it back in a few minutes later. She told me to call back in an hour if that doesn't do the trick.

Unfortunately, my Internet connection was still down after an hour. And with it my telephone too. So, I wasn't too happy to hear that I have to pay for the call if I don't call from a telefono fisso (land line).

This time the woman told me that a tecnico (technician) would look into my problem and send me an SMS to my cell phone as soon as it's fixed. "Quanto tempo ci vuole? (How long will it take?)" I asked. "Entro 72 ore. (Up to 72 hours.)" she responded.

I keep looking at my cell phone in case I don't hear the message arrive. It has already been over 24 hours since my Internet stopped working.

In the meantime, I had to search for any WiFi networks in my area that might be open. So, now I'm standing up at my window with my MacBook Pro propped up on a table and box so I can use one of my neighbor's WiFi networks that seems to be unprotected. I'm trying not to use it too much because if he/she finds out, they may put a password on it and block me out completely. Then, I'll be forced to go to a local bar to get my Internet and download emails, etc.

I looked at my cell phone again and still nothing. It's not so bad standing at the window as I get to see everything that's going on below my apartment, but I'd rather be sitting down with my faster Internet connection. I'm sure it'll be resolved, but right now it seems like such a hassle.

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