Back to winter

I was disappointed when I opened the persiane (shutters) outside our apartment windows to find out that the temperatures had dropped again. After a sunny and fairly mild weekend, today it's grey, cold and rainy. This past weekend, the temperatures were about 18C (64F), but have now tumbled to 2C (35F). This is the second time that our weather has gone from almost spring to winter again in just a matter of a few days.

I hoped that it would be warm when I went outside, but the arctic gusts of wind were overwhelming at times. Not only was the air cold, but the force it blew was fierce. If I could've stayed home all day, I would've but unfortunately I had a few appointments to go to this morning and in the early evening.

When one of my appointments was finished at around 8PM, I had hoped that I could call a taxi to go home. Unfortunately, because of the partita (soccer match) and the pioggia (rain), the phone number I tried was busy. After trying for about ten minutes, I decided to walk to the fermata dell'autobus (bus stop) take the bus home.

Because I was outside of Florence, near Soffiano, I had to take two buses to get close to my home. The unheated autobus with doors that opened at every fermata made the trip less than piacevole (nice).

By the time I walked home from the fermata near our house, I was happy that my riscaldamento (heating) was on so our place was warm.

Tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to be milder, but I'm not putting my cappotto (coat) away just yet.

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