Gone to visit Thailand

I have been so excited about my first trip to Thailand that I haven't been able to contain myself these past few weeks. Alessandro and I are going on our luna di miele (honeymoon) today for two weeks. I'm even happier to be going toward the warm weather because the last few weeks have been cold and wet. I know that I will miss my beloved city, which is why I was so eager to snap a few photos yesterday, but I am looking forward to discover an entirely different place.

Ever since I first moved to Europe, I always spent my vacation time going back to the US to visit my family. This is the first time that I'm not going to the US on vacation.

I stood on the Ponte Vecchio yesterday looked out in both directions so I could take in as much of my beloved city as I could before I had to say goodbye. We will only be gone for two weeks, but I know I'll miss my enchanting city.

I know that I will miss looking up from my desk and seeing the Arno, the light grey and pastel colored buildings, the lively mercato (market), the people I bump into in the streets and those that I greet who work in the shops I go to, and of course my dear friends.

I am pleased by the longing I feel for my home, my friends, and, of course, my beloved city because it reminds me just how significant they are for me.

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