Back to the beach

After our hike up the Tiger Cave temple mountain, we were looking forward to a day at the beach. We paid for our roundtrip tickets to take a long-tail boat to Railay beach. We chose this beach because it was close and we knew that there were a few shops and restaurants that we could visit.

Had we known that the tide was low, we probably wouldn't have gone to Railay beach because the beach wasn't as nice. We were surprised to see that there were so few people out on the beach as we saw the first time we had gone.

When we got on shore, we noticed hundreds of tiny crabs about the size of a dime digging holes in the sand all along the beach. It was difficult to walk with them all over the place. Of course, when they felt our footsteps they'd dive into their holes for safety, so it was difficult to see them unless I stood there quietly without moving.

Because of the heat, we didn't have much of an appetite; however, when I saw a sign for mango with sticky rice, I had to order it. We sat down at one of the restaurants that has wood chairs and tables. Other patrons were drinking and enjoying the view while staying out of the sun.

I wanted to stay in the water to cool, but it was difficult to walk in it because the coral was everywhere I stepped. It was so bad that I had to wear my fake Crocs.

We headed back early to Ao Nang beach and decided to go shopping. We were a little disappointed with our day at the beach, but we liked taking the long-tail boat out there. And, I especially enjoyed the mango with sticky rice.

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