Morning run along the Arno

After we returned last night from the mostra (exhibition), another storm broke out accompanied by thunder and lightning. This morning when we left the piazza in front of our apartment for a run, I looked down the Arno and toward the Ponte Vecchio and noticed the dark fluffy clouds slowly moving overhead. The colors seemed electric and the buildings looked even more beautiful in contrast to the sky. My only wish was that I had brought my macchina fotografica (camera) to capture such beauty.

When we were running toward San Niccolò, I looked up to see the grassy area along the Arno and the reflection of the bright orange and pastel-colored buildings on the river. As we ran along the river toward Piazza Ferrucci, I couldn't wait until we crossed the ponte (bridge) to head back toward the city. I kept my eye on the Ponte Vecchio and admired the colors that appeared so vivid.

There is something amazingly beautiful as the city wakes up after it has rained. The crisp air smells of wet cement and grass. The streets are darker and slick and the few people outside are walking on the rather dry sidewalks.

As we ran across the Ponte Vecchio and through Piazza della Signoria, I felt so fortunate to be living in downtown Florence. I almost feel spoiled by the beauty that is all around me.

I can't really run with my macchina fotografica, but I must make a plan to get up one day early in the morning to walk around Florence and take pictures. It's the only way for me to capture the city as I'm so fortunate to witness during my morning runs.

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