Arrivata di botto

It's hard to believe that just one week ago, I was carting around an ombrello (umbrella) in my purse and wearing a sweater. Today, estate arrivata di botto (summer suddenly arrived). Not only is it sunny and hot, but it's also humid. I left the house early this morning to fare delle commissioni (run a few errands) before the city heated up.

Living in Florence :: Arrivata di botto

I went to the mercato di Sant'Ambrogio (Sant'Ambrogio market) where people were navigating the aisles to get food for the weekend. The people who go to the mercato on the weekend seem to do it more for fun. They make an excursion out of it by bringing their children in passeggini (strollers) and their dogs on guinzagli (leashes).

After my trip to the mercato, I walked through Piazza Santa Croce. I had wanted to visit the church since I hadn't been in a while. I walked up to the guard and asked if I needed to go to the biglietteria (ticket office) to get a ticket because I'm a residente. She said that she could let me in, but that I needed to cover my shoulders. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to put on, so I had to take a rain check.

As I walked along the church, I looked up at Dante against the blue sky and couldn't help but take a photo. I don't think I noticed before that he had a book in his hand. And, I saw a small plaque as well that stated that the statue was moved from the middle of the piazza to its current location after the flood in 1966.

I had to run home before 1pm because the heat was unbearable in the sun. After the coolest and probably wettest primavera (spring) in history, the heat that arrivato di botto was a bit of a surprise to us all even if they did forecast it. We had all complained that we wanted summer to arrive and now it has.

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