No Sunday lunch

When my suocera (mother-in-law) called me yesterday to tell me that they won't be home on Sunday for lunch, I was disappointed. Not only was I not going to have lunch with them, but I wasn't going to have my weekly visit with them either. I look forward to our Sunday lunches together with such pleasure that I never make any plans that would prevent me from going.

As I was making Sunday lunch for Alessandro and me today, I wondered what it was that made me love my Sunday lunches with his parents. I realized that I had had very few meals with my family when I was growing up. All of us only ever sat down together to eat on holidays or special occasions.

I feel so privileged when I go to have any meal with my suoceri (in-laws). Not only am I spoiled because they want me to sit down and not get up, but they serve me only what I like to eat. For example, my suocera always serves me the dark meat of all fowl as she knows it's the only part I like. While we are eating, they ask me all about my week and how everything went. They remember all the details of any plans I made for the upcoming week and ask me about them afterwards.

What is probably so common for most people has become a great source of joy for me. I assume that it would've been nice to have had more meals with my entire family when I was growing up, but I count my blessings now that I have these family Sunday lunches with Alessandro and my suoceri.

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