Meeting up with Lisa McGarry

I attended Lisa McGarry's book signing for her new book, Piazzas of Florence, at the McRae's bookshop in late June. I had heard about the book signing one day when I was perusing books. I immediately put the date on my calendar as soon as I got home. I was happy that my friend Diana came to attend it as well after I told her what a wonderful book Lisa wrote. I not only wanted to get my book signed, but I wanted to meet Lisa who is American and lives in Florence.

I enjoyed hearing her talk about her book because I have already read half of it and loved it. I'm trying to savor her book because it's such a wonderful read. I particularly love the mix between the history of the piazze (piazzas) in Florence and her personal experience in each one of them.

As I was leaving the book signing, I asked Lisa if she'd like to meet up for a caffé (coffee) so that we could talk a little more. I didn't want to take up too much of her time during the book signing because so many other people wanted to talk with her. She accepted my offer and we met today at her caffè (café) in Piazza della Passera, which she had mentioned in her book.

Over a cappuccino and a pasta (pastry) we talked about our mutual love of Florence. We shared stories about our lives and our experiences here. It was so wonderful to discover how someone else felt a pull to come to Florence and was able to find a way to move and live here. It was also interesting to discuss what we appreciate about our lives in Florence and what we have learned about ourselves since we have come to live here.

I realized that my love of cooking certainly came about after moving to Florence. I had cooked a little before, but more out of duty. And, now that I'm here in Florence I do find much joy shopping for food and cooking. Usually the simplest dishes are the tastiest.

I unfortunately had to go home for an appointment after an hour and a half, but was so happy to have spoken with Lisa. I'm looking forward to another caffé some time so we can talk some more about Florence. By the time we meet again, I will have finished her book and will certainly have more praises to sing to her.

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