Strolling around to view the city

My friend Erin moved to San Niccolò not long ago and after meeting at at Il Rifrullo to have a caffè (coffee) this morning, I took her to visit Giardino Bardini. I wanted to introduce her to the giardino as she lives so close to it now, and it was also another excuse for me to return. It was a little cloudy when we got there, but the sun quickly began to shine brightly on us.

Being the last few quiet days in August, I had hoped that I could sit at the bar up at the top of the Giardino Bardini and enjoy the afternoon.

We visited the two mostre being held in the Villa Bardini by two fotografi (photographers): George Tatge and Luis Molina-Pantin. I saw so many photos that I ended up not feeling inspired to take any of my own today.

From the Giardino Bardini, we walked over to the Giardino di Boboli from the top exit near the Forte Belvedere. There were a few people walking around as we made our way down the hillside and out the exit in Piazza Pitti. The weather was a little cloudy and we could see that it was raining in the distance. Unfortunately, it was humid where we were and we tried as hard as we could to find shade to walk under.

After lunch at Fuori Porta, we walked up the to Piazzale Michelangiolo, which is my favorite spot to view Florence. The weather was a bit mixed as we felt a few raindrops while we ate outside on the terrazza (terrace).

We got a gelato (ice cream) and sat on the steps before we headed back down to San Niccolò. I enjoyed my morning of strolling around the two giardini and up to Piazzale Michelagiolo with my friend Erin. I loved looking out at the city from three different viewpoints. I was able to appreciate the city from three different angles: each one offering something unique.

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