Change of season, change of clothes

After an entire week of wearing summer clothes in less than summer weather, I gave up hope today that the weather might warm back up. It rained a few times this last week, but mostly the weather has been sunny and much cooler. When I woke up this morning, I decided to switch the clothes in my armadio (closet) from summer ones to winter ones. Because our apartamento (apartment) is rather small and storage space is limited, we have to switch the clothes in our armadio when there is a change of season: there's no fitting all our clothes together.

I was a bit sad to see all the brightly colored abiti (dresses) and lightweight maglioni (sweaters) folded in a storage box next to bags containing my sandali (sandals), but I did enjoy unpacking all the heavier maglioni, darker colored pantaloni (pants), and stivali (boots). I organized everything neatly in my armadio and when I closed the doors, I felt as if I could finally get excited about autunno (autumn).

The weather is still quite comfortable, but after it being cold for a few days, I've realized that I have to wear warmer clothing so that I don't shiver when I walk outside. I have been hesitating putting on a jacket during the day because so many people are still walking around in summer clothes: I didn't want to be the only person with a jacket on.

I had been fooled many times by the beautiful sunshine shining outside. I would think it was warm, and then finding out when I got to the street that it was colder than it looked. I usually peek out at the tourists who walk outside, but they don't seem to be a good gauge either as most of them think it's still summer even though the temperatures have dropped to around 12F (54F) in the morning.

Before I left for lunch with my suoceri (in-laws), I pulled out one of my new winter sweaters and put it on. When I walked out into the piazza, I passed a girl in a tank top and white pants. She looked comfortable in the cool weather dressed in summer clothes, but I was happy that I was finally wearing my winter clothes and not shivering.

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