Due castagne per non ammalarsi

Alessandro came back today with two castagne (chestnuts) in his pocket. When he placed them on the table, I asked, "Cosa fai con due castagne? What are you doing with two chestnuts?" I held the two small, raw castagne in my hand as he explained. "Un mio collega mi ha detto che se tengo queste due castagne, non mi ammaler˛. One of my colleagues said that if I keep these two chestnuts, I won't be sick."

Because Alessandro has been fighting a raffredore (cold) and I have been trying not to get it, I asked him, "Dove sono le mie castagne? Where are my chestnuts?"

"Ho giÓ chiesto al mio collega e me ne porta la settimana prossima. I asked my colleague and he will bring them to me next week." In the meantime, I'm doing all I can to fend off his raffredore: lots of vitamin C, plenty of liquids, some running, and extra sleep.

When I do get my two castagne, I'll be carrying them around in my pocket in the hopes I can ward off any colds or flues that I might be exposed to.

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