Due castagne per non ammalarsi

Alessandro came back today with two castagne (chestnuts) in his pocket. When he placed them on the table, I asked, "Cosa fai con due castagne? What are you doing with two chestnuts?" I held the two small, raw castagne in my hand as he explained. "Un mio collega mi ha detto che se tengo queste due castagne, non mi ammalerò. One of my colleagues said that if I keep these two chestnuts, I won't be sick."

Because Alessandro has been fighting a raffredore (cold) and I have been trying not to get it, I asked him, "Dove sono le mie castagne? Where are my chestnuts?"

"Ho già chiesto al mio collega e me ne porta la settimana prossima. I asked my colleague and he will bring them to me next week." In the meantime, I'm doing all I can to fend off his raffredore: lots of vitamin C, plenty of liquids, some running, and extra sleep.

When I do get my two castagne, I'll be carrying them around in my pocket in the hopes I can ward off any colds or flues that I might be exposed to.

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