Florence International Film Festival

A few weeks ago, I participated in the Notes to Heaven event in piazza Santo Spirito. The film student who organized the event for her first film with the same name asked to interview me along with a few other people to talk about losing a loved one. This evening, they showed the resulting film at the Odeon theatre for the Florence International Film Festival organized by the Florence Film School.

The interview took place only a few weeks ago. I remember walking briskly through Piazza della Repubblica, hoping to wade off any nervousness I was feeling. Loss and grief are difficult subjects to discuss at any time, and being filmed alone in front of a camera made me feel even more vulnerable. I definitely said what I wanted to say, but I realized that I was also able to hide my emotions. A few times I did tear up, but took deep breaths and just moved on, hoping that no one had noticed.

After the interview, I asked when I could see the film and when they told me that it would be shown at the Odeon, I felt a bit nervous. I was happy they didn't tell me that before the interview because I would've been even more nervous.

Alessandro accompanied me to the Odeon movie theatre to see this film along with other shorts that were being showed.

It was odd to see myself on such a big screen. The first time I came up, I felt embarrassed but after a while it seemed as if it wasn't really me.

The short was very touching with the interviews of the other people and the scenes shot during the event. It was a beautiful event and short film to be a part of. Seeing the event again with so many people under the bright blue sky made me appreciate the event and its meaning to so many people.

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