L'ultima partita della stagione

I had been looking forward to today's partita (soccer match) all week. Not only was it the Fiorentina's last game of the stagione (season), but also the last one for them to come in third place. Alessandro bought tickets for the partita in the Maratona section of the stadio (stadium). I was hoping to be in Curva Fiesole, but we could only get one spot so we opted on being together at the stadio and got seats elsewhere. Being a sold-out partita, we knew that it would also be one of the most exciting partite of the year.

Living in Florence :: L'ultima partita della stagione

We arrived a little early to the stadio and sat down in our seats to watch the calciatori (soccer players) practice before the partita. In front of us was the opposing team, Milan, with one of its most famous calciatori Beckham. Thanks to my smaller macchina fotografica (camera) that I brought with me, I took a few shots of him and Maldini, who would be finishing his 25-year career on our campo.

For the first time, I saw the stadio filled to capacity. The spirit was high: banners were flying and people were cheering. Fortunately for us, the weather was quite good. We all feared that we'd have the same hot sun we experienced earlier in the week, but instead, we had to wear rain jackets because of the grey clouds looming above.

When the calciatori of the Fiorentina came out, we all stood up, cheered, and applauded them. When the other squadra (team) came out, people whistled at them.

During the entire partita we were either singing (when our squadra had the ball) or whistling (when the opposing team had the ball). It rained for a short while, but that didn't stop us from cheering our squadra. Outbursts of disappointment came each time we were close to scoring. It felt as if we were all one because the sensations were the same. In the gabbia (cage) were the tifosi (fans) for the opposing team. They were quite boisterous, but we couldn't hear them much because the singing from the rest of the stadio drowned them out.

To end up third this stagione we would've had to score 2 to 0. Unfortunately, we lost 0 to 2. We are still fourth, which means that we will be competing in the preliminaries for the Champions League.

The giocatori (players) walked around the campo and applauded the tifosi. Some of them carried their children in their arms. We are certainly proud of our squadra, and can't wait for next stagione to begin. At least next year, we will probably be getting abbonnamenti (season tickets) in Curva Fiesole.

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