Rainy Monday

The first day of June was accompanied by a constant drizzle. Outside the closed windows I could still hear birds chirping in the ivy attached to a window of a neighboring building. Many locals took today off as tomorrow is festa (a holiday). Some people I knew headed for the beach in the hopes of the first warm weekend al mare (at the seaside). However ever since last Wednesday, the temperatures have slowly declined and brought back the rain today.

Being the first day of June, I expected warmer temperatures and sunnier days. Early this morning, I stood at the window of our apartment and peered outside. The city was quiet with fewer cars and motorini (scooters) whizzing by and only a handful of tourists walking down the lungarno (street along the Arno). The city looked gray to me; it wasn't as colorful and bright as it usually does in the summertime.

I sometimes wonder if the weather reflects my mood or if my mood reflects the weather. Eight years ago today I lost my mother and I feel as if the raindrops that are falling are like the tears inside of me that want to be unleashed. When I think about the number of years, it seems like it was so long ago, but in my heart it feels as if it were yesterday.

For the past couple of weeks I have kept myself busy and tried to put today's date out of my mind. I hoped that it would come and go without making its presence too noticeable, but it didn't. The weather slowly turned and today it has rained from morning until late into the night.

My only hope is that tomorrow the sun will return so that I can move past this day and onto brighter ones that are filled with joy again.

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