Ballottaggio a Firenze

The results for the elezioni (elections) for the sindaco (mayor) of Florence came in, and there is no winner. For there to be a winner, someone has to receive 51% of the votes, and no one did. So now on June 21st there will be a ballottaggio (second ballott) where there will be only two candidates: Galli and Renzi. One center-right and the other center-left. Traditionally Florence is socialist; however, the results of the elezioni show a tendency to lean a little more to the right.

I have talked to people who will vote for one and others who will vote for the other one. It's not easy to figure out which way someone will vote, but I have been surprised how open everyone is about who they'll be voting for. No one I've talked to has minced his/her words. Usually there is a one word response that is the name of the man they want as mayor.

For the first elezioni, there were about 10 candidati (candidates) and now for the ballottaggio, there will only be the two. So at least now everyone has to vote for one or the other, and I'm hoping once again that the Florentines will consider their vote carefully. May they choose the one who will improve the state of affairs in Florence.

I have hope even though a lot of people I know do not. People complain that things never change here, but honestly they do, albeit at a slower rate at times. Change is inevitable and necessary. We all change all the time: some people make huge strides while others take baby steps.

I will never judge Florence for not changing fast enough; it has its own rhythm just like I have my own too.

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