Mondays are not for birthdays

I usually love Mondays because they mark the beginning of the week. I love them so much that I was even excited that my birthday fell on a Monday this year so that I could start off the week with a bang. Unfortunately a few of my last minute plans were cancelled due to it falling on a Monday. I don't generally plan in advance, because things always seem to fall into place. To start off my birthday I decided on one thing the day before: I would take the day off of work and do only what I wanted to do all day.

I'm used to letting the shower run for at least a minute before hopping in, but today the caldaia (water heater) decided it too was going to take the day off and didn't work either. I never like cold showers, even in the summer when it's hot and humid, so I wasn't happy that I had to take one today. I had thought for an instant that I could take a shower and then run down to the parucchiere (hair dresser) to have them wash my hair, but they are closed on Mondays.

After the cold shower, I wanted to jump back in bed to warm up, but toughed it out and got dressed quickly. I thought that if I could just get outside, I could stand in the sun and warm up. I left the house as quickly as I could and walked down a few backstreets to get to Santo Spirito where I walked into the chiesa (church). I hadn't been inside in a while and any chance I get to visit it, I always do.

I went to Mama's Bakery to have a bagel with cream cheese along with a fruit juice. I sat down to read The Florentine, which I hadn't yet picked up from a week ago, and ate my colazione (breakfast) . After reading the paper, I pulled out a notebook from my purse and began writing about what I've learned this last year, what I'm grateful for, and what I hope to accomplish in this year of my life. I didn't write down specific goals for myself, but I do plan on being true to myself even more in all areas of my life.

I walked down via Maggio in the hopes of buying a few pastries at Dolcissima; however, I forgot that they're closed on Mondays. Then, I thought of my other favorite pasticceria (pastry shop) near the stadio (stadium) and I remembered that it too is closed today. I wasn't even sure I wanted a cake for my birthday, but with my two favorite pasticcerie being closed, I deduced the answer to be quite clear.

When Alessandro came home for lunch, I half-expected fiori (flowers) because he spoiled me the last two years in a row. "Il fioraio č chiuso lunedě. The florist is closed on Monday," he told me when he walked in. At first I thought he was kidding, but then he told me that since many fiorai are open on Sunday, they close on Monday.

After lunch, I was already thinking about where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner with Alessandro, but my favorite restaurant Canapone is closed on Mondays.

Regardless of the cold shower, lack of cake, postponed fiori, and a change of venue for dinner, I had a wonderful birthday. It was made very special by all the emails, messages, phone calls, and text messages I received from blog buddies, friends, and family.

I did check the calendar and fortunately my birthday doesn't fall on a Monday for another five years. So in 2015, I'll be making different plans and will hopefully celebrate at least the day before.

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