A foggy and misty day

A veil of grey blanketed the city today. The hills in the distance seemed softer and faded into the sky. It was as if the city had been stranded and nothing beyond my view existed. I felt like I was in a dream where everything was hazy and unclear. After being chained to my desk working for the past two days, I finally went outside for a walk to enjoy my city.

I crossed over the Ponte alle Grazie and headed up the lungarno (road along the Arno) toward the Ponte Vecchio. I love looking at the Arno and today there were two people rowing in separate canoes in opposite directions. I kept my eyes on one of the canoes until it passed under the Ponte Vecchio.

The Arno is a light green color today. I listened to the music it made as it flowed steadily under the Ponte alle Grazie. While I walked along the lungarno, I could see the bright green ivy that was coming over the edge of the brick wall from the wall alongside the Arno. Even though leaves on the trees are turning colors and falling to the ground, the ivy is still growing strong.

I enjoyed feeling the tiny drops of icy water falling on my face. I peered over at our apartment building and smiled. I could see the windows of our apartment and felt a sense of joy come over me. That's my home in Florence. The home I share with the man I love in a city that I love.

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