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Over a year ago, I created the Florence from the Heart website to give myself and others the opportunity to express diverse aspects of living in Florence. The other day, I completed an article about the Ponte Vecchio, which reminded me how I still need to take the time to appreciate my surroundings every chance I get.

Many other writers have published articles on this website, and I'm hoping that in 2010, I will be posting more than this past year. I feel that there is so much more that I want to write about and show of my beloved city. I am grateful to live in a city that gently nudges me to open up my heart more and to share what's inside.

I hope that others enjoy the articles on Florence from the Heart website as well. Not only people who dream of living in Florence, but those who already do live here. I know how easy it is to overlook the city's beauty when I'm traipsing around town to get my errands done, but I know that when I pause a moment to take in the city's beauty, I am greatly rewarded.

Absorbing my city's beauty is one of my main ways to feel joy. I have come to understand that happiness is not a constant flow of joy in which no more problems arise in my life, but it is the countless moments throughout my day when joy and love bubble up in my heart.

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