Another visit to Museo Bardini

On Monday morning after having a coffee with a friend, I popped into Museo Stefano Bardini. Iíve been wanting to go back since I first went last year after it reopened. When I walked by and saw that it was open I couldnít resist not going for a visit. I learned that the museo (museum) is only open a few days a week: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The moment I arrived at the top of the stairs and saw the large hallway, I was so happy to have come today to visit the museo. It was as beautiful and magical as it was the first time.

I realized rather quickly that there were more custodi (museum custodians) than visitors. In almost every room I was alone, which I enjoyed. I love the quiet in the museo so that I can be alone with the artwork.

My favorite part of my visit was contemplating the different paintings of the Madonna col bambino (Madonna with child) on one tall wall. I noticed that the bambino was usually on the left of the Madonna. I was touched that the bambino was on the same side as his motherís heart.

I only stayed an hour because I had some errands to run before lunch. I love visiting the same musei, monumenti (monuments), and chiese (churches) over and over because each time I notice something new. My appreciation of each one increases with each visit. To me, they are similar to people: I discover more about them each time go for a visit.

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