Enjoying the city and its statues

Today I was in the need to do something to bring me a little joy. When I was thinking of what to do, the Bargello came to my mind. I had been wanting to go for a visit ever since I returned from the US earlier this month. Itís a place I enjoy even if I only walk by and peek into the windows. I walked in this morning and sat down to contemplate the marble and bronze statues, which are my favorites.

Living in Florence :: Enjoying the city and its statues

When I lived in Paris, I loved going to the Rodin museum. For me there is something magical about statues. They seem to emit such life and soul that I canít help but be fascinated. I always imagine the artist in front of his masterpiece working, contemplating, and producing something from his/her heart.

I sat in the courtyard of the Bargello, watching the tourists meander the museum and studying the statues that line the walkway. I took a lot of foto (photos), but none of them did the statues justice in my opinion. I walked into the one room where all of Giambolognaís bronze statues are housed and was taken by Mercury today. I donít know why, but I couldnít stop staring at it.

After my visit of the Bargello museum, I strolled behind the Duomo and down to Piazza Santissima Annunziata where I used to live. It was a sunny, yet cloudy day so people were sitting on the steps under the loggia in the piazza. I took some more foto and liked the one I took of the statue of Grand Duke Ferdinando I, which was Giambologna's last work.

I enjoyed visiting my old piazza especially since I rarely walk over to that part of my modest-sized city. I love strolling the streets and taking foto of my beloved city. At every corner I am truly fascinated and in awe.

For me photography is a joyful hobby of mine. I love capturing Florence from different angles and perspectives, but sometimes one aspect of it really makes my heart sing. Itís always in my foto that I can see what touched me the most.

I was happy to have finally visited the Bargello today and feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to visit it whenever I please. Iíd certainly love to go more often because it is such an inspiration and a joy to enter. I enjoy being immersed in so much beauty and history. I do hope that the next time at least one of my foto of the museo (museum) on my next visit.

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