One of my favorite views

Sometimes I think I could stand in the same spot every day and take the same exact foto (photo). At different times of the day and during the different seasons, it's always stunning. The attached foto is probably one of my favorite views because of all the elements it captures: the Arno, the reflection of Palazzo Serristori, the small park in Piazza Demidoff and the San Miniato chiesa (church) above. I couldn’t resist taking a foto today because the Arno was so still that the reflection of the palazzo was almost perfect.

Living in Florence :: One of my favorite views

For me this view is stunning. It shows the city’s riches and serenity as well as its magnificence and splendor. It is also a pleasure to see a slice of my beloved city that isn’t as crowded. Right now there are many schoolchildren in town so the areas between the Piazza della Signoria and the Duomo are crowded.

I often walk around the congested areas even if it is longer, but I’m always happy to capture a part of Florence that many overlook or might not appreciate as much as I do.

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