A special date

March 25th is a special date in Florence: itís líanno nuovo fiorentino (the Florentine new year), which is the day that Florentines used to celebrate the coming of the new year until 1750. I read about it in a Florence and its festivals flyer at the beginning of the year, and was then reminded in an article in The Florentine. The same date marks the beginning of my relationship with mio marito (my husband), Alessandro three years ago.

Last year on the 26th of March, just a day after líanno nuovo fiorentino, my first Expats in Florence article appeared in The Florentine. Today when the latest issue of the Florentine was published, a new column of mine, Viola Corner, came out as well.

I had been a bit giddy for the past few weeks because I was so honored to be asked to write about my favorite soccer team, the Fiorentina. I had recently told a girlfriend of mine that I would be so happy to write about my team somewhere, and then it happened. I have an abbonnamento (season ticket) in Curva Fiesole, have followed my team on two away games in England and Germany, and often check the news sites to find out about the Fiorentina. Even on my FaceBook page, all my friends joke with me that I constantly talk about the Fiorentina in my status updates. Now, I have an outlet to write about my team, and Iím so happy about it.

I wonder if after living many years in Florence now that líanno nuovo fiorentino has taken on greater significance for me. Three out of the past four years, someone or something wonderful has entered my life, and I am very grateful. Even if the rest of Florence no longer celebrates this holiday, I will continue to do so.

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