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Today I met up with a couple who hadn’t been to Florence before. I was excited our meeting because the husband has been complimentary about the photos of Florence that I publish on my blog. We met in Piazza della Signoria and had drinks on the terrace of a caffè. The view was as breathtaking as ever with the Palazzo Vecchio dominating the piazza. I admired the loggia with its statues, standing gracefully outside exposed to the elements. There were masses of tourists walking by this morning, holding out maps, taking photos, and enjoying the intermittent sun that shone in the piazza.

Living in Florence :: Sharing my city

Afterwards, we walked down Borgo dei Greci to Piazza Santa Croce where the sun was shining brightly. Many vendors were open along the shady sidewalk leading to the church.

I wanted to take them to the river where for me the life of the city flows. Of course, the views of San Niccolò are just spectacular too. I was happy that my two friends appreciated the view as much as I do. We both snapped a few foto (photos), which I have been wanting to do for a long time.

We walked along the Arno toward the Ponte Vecchio and stopped on the Ponte alle Grazie. The sidewalk along the river was so narrow that we had to walk in the street into oncoming traffic to avoid banging into people coming the opposite way.

We stood on the Ponte alle Grazie and saw the brightly colored green grass at the Giardino Bardini and the lovely Ponte Vecchio standing proud over the Arno. For me, it is the true link that connects the city’s two halves: the intellectual side and the creative side.

After we parted ways, I walked down via dei Neri where I do most of my food shopping these days. I wished all the shop owners that I know a “Buona Pasqua.” Many of them have become friends of mine over the years, and I am so happy when I see their smiling faces each day. We discuss everything from personal things that happen in our lives to the Fiorentina to our vacation plans. I love how our conversations are always so interesting and lively.

When I returned to our apartment, I looked out at the river and admired its jade color today and felt so incredibly fortunate. Not only am I fortunate to live in a city that pleases, inspires and energizes me, but that I am also able to share it with others.

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