Twentieth expat profile

When I turned in my latest ďExpats in FlorenceĒ article, I realized that I had completed 20 of them. I was quite amazed because I hadnít realized that Iíd interviewed that many people and wrote about their coming to Florence. Being an expat in Florence, I am interested to find out how other people came here. Iíve been impressed by each person who has been courageous to move to another country where he/she successfully created an entirely new life.

Through these articles, my intention is to honor each personís path. Some people, Iíve found out, donít pause for a moment to look at where they came from and where they are now. Itís a joy for me to write about what theyíve achieved thus far so they can see it for themselves.

One common thread Iíve found is that each person has been able to create a job for themselves with a passion of theirs and make it work in Florence. It can be challenging at times for them, but the rewards are truly great.

I look forward to meeting more expats to hear their stories about their journey to Florence. I hope their stories inspire us all and act as a reminder that finding oneís passion is the key to success here or anywhere.

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