A trip to Miami Beach

Alessandro and I flew to Miami last Tuesday. We had enjoyed our trip to Miami Beach so much last year that we returned this year. After enjoying a quiet August in Florence, we took off before everything gets back to normal. We returned this afternoon to a sunny and warm Florence, which surprised me since I read that it had rained. While we were in the taxi coming home, I breathed in my city and stared out at the buildings, and felt joyful to be home.

Living in Florence :: A trip to Miami Beach

Our one-week trip to Miami was delightful. We were fortunate to have great weather the entire time. The scattered showers they announced every day never really came except on the day we were leaving.

I find Miami quite intriguing because it is in an American state, yet feels quite South American. Not just because so many people speak Spanish and Portuguese, but

What I love about Miami, besides the beach itself, are the fluffy clouds that hang low in the sky. I have always loved cumulus clouds, but in Miami I find them even more striking. They glide across the sky and when I look up at them, I feel as if I could almost touch them.

Even though our trip to the US was brief, the change in environment was wonderful. We ran along the beach every morning and breathed in the ocean air as much as we could. It felt great to stay in a place that is so different from our home. All the sounds, smells, and sites woke up my senses. For me, traveling is not just about having new experiences, but also about opening myself up to another world and seeing things anew.

I am happy to be back home in Florence, but I can still see the sun as it rose above the dark clouds in the East above the ocean. How the sky slowly lit up and the sun shined so brightly that the clouds seemed to have a golden edge around them. The sound of the waves crashing at my feet and the feel of the sand as I sank a little into it.

Now that I am back in Florence and can hear the traffic outside our windows and see the Arno glistening, Miami feels like a world away from me. Fortunately, I know that every place I have enjoyed visiting is never that far away. I hold what I love about each place in my heart and can visualize it as if I were still there. Thatís also why I take photos, like the one here, to take me quickly back to a place I enjoyed.

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