Sundays are sacred

All my friends know that Sundays are sacred to me. They know that I save my Sundays for my family: my suoceri (in-laws) and my marito (husband). I am lucky to have such a great relationship with my suoceri; I'd never miss a lunch with them. For me, Sundays with my suoceri are much more than just sharing a wonderful lunch, it's also a time for us to connect and talk about the days since we last met up.

One thing that probably none of my friends knows is how important it is for me to have a family with whom I can share a meal with on a regular basis. I was brought up by a single mother who worked so hard that we rarely had any meal together. My mother provided for three children and worked eighteen-hour days for most of my childhood. The only time I ever had a meal with my mother was either for a holiday or if we went out to eat, which was very rare.

I donít look back at my childhood with sadness because I feel fortunate to have had a mother who loved me and did so much for me. Now that I am invited to enjoy a regular family lunch with the genitori (parents) of my marito, I never let anything get in the way of it.

I donít feel that I am not making up for lost time, but I am reaping the benefits of what life is now offering me. Iím not envious of others who have always had such meals with their families, but I do hope that they appreciate them as much as I do.

I cherish the time I'm able to spend with my marito, suoceri, and friends. I am grateful that my suoceri have welcomed me with open arms and an open heart. Not only have I found the perfect city and marito for me, but I have also been blessed to be a part of a loving family.

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