Monday mornings and staying in

I realized only this morning why I am slow to start my week when Monday arrives. Iím usually motivated Sunday to get the week going, but I wake up and donít feel motivated to go out. Besides the hairdressers being closed all day, many of the shops around town are also closed in the morning. Itís as if the city is still slumbering until well after lunch. I thought I was just having Monday blues, but I think now that it has to do with the city not being completely awake yet.

To emphasize my lethargy even more today was the unusually grim weather. I felt more inclined to stay home than to go outside today. I was happy that I decided to stay in especially when it began to rain right before lunch.

Longing a little for my city, I peeked out the window a few times to see what was going on. I watched a few people walking around, some tourists and a few locals. I had already closed the windows in our apartment this morning because of the chilly air, but I couldnít tell how cold it really was outside because some people were dressed in light cotton dresses and shorts, while others were all bundled up with scarves around their necks.

I looked across the green and muddy Arno to survey the muted colors of the palazzi (buildings). The colors seemed to stand out even more against the grey sky without the sun washing them out.

In the early evening, I did go outside wearing a sweater and light jacket. Iím happy about the cooler temperatures. Besides being excited about the change of season, Iím excited about tomorrow: Tuesday. A day when everything will be open in the morning.

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