Enjoying the sun between rainy days

After a few days of rain, I felt joyous when I saw the sun out. It was perfect since I had a few appointments to go to. Even though my macchina fotografica (camera) is a little heavy, I lugged it along with me in the hopes of having the opportunity to take some photos. I hadnít taken any photos in over a week, and I really missed it.

Living in Florence :: Enjoying the sun between rainy days

I received my new tessera sanitaria (health card) with the microchip in it a few months ago. In the letter that accompanied the tessera, it said to make it active by picking up the PIN number. I had procrastinated because I heard that the lines were long and then they changed it and it was pertinent to make an appuntamento (appointment).

My marito (husband) said that I would probably need an appuntamento, but I like to risk it sometimes. I just felt like going for a walk while the sun was out.

I walked on the other side of the Arno to where the mura di Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa wall) is standing, and passed through the stone doorway. I entered the first building on the left, which is an ambulatorio (outpatient clinic).

I walked into the office where one woman was leaving to grab a coffee while the other woman was sitting at her desk. No one else was around, which surprised me.

I asked her, ď» qui che posso attivare la mia tessera? Is this where I can make my card active.Ē

The woman looked down at a computer printout in front of her and then looked up at me and said, ďSei fortunata. Di solito ci vuole un appuntamento, ma visto che non cíŤ nessuno... (You are lucky. Usually you need an appointment, but since no oneís here...)Ē

I sat down in the chair in front of her and filled out the modulo (form) she handed me. She took my tessera sanitaria and my carta díidentitŗ (ID card) and typed a few things into her computer. By the time I finished filling out the modulo, she handed me a PIN number. ďEccoci (Here you go),Ē she said.

I thanked her for fitting me in, and left with a smile on my face. I was so happy when I left that I walked along the low brick wall above the Arno and headed back to town.

I particularly like the embankment where the brownish water flows steadily. I find the sound of the water very relaxing to listen to and to watch. I walked to the middle of the ponte (bridge) to take a few photos.

The picture I took here of Chiesa di Ognissanti is probably the first one Iíve taken of the chiesa (church), but I realized I was a day late for the churchís festa (holiday). It looks better in the sun with the clouds looming above it.

I snapped some other pictures on my walk since it was such a warm and sunny day. The weather we had today was a bit of a fluke since they have predicted rain tomorrow. But while the sun is shining, Iím happy to go out and enjoy it.

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