Enjoying the autumnal weather

I missed my morning run this morning due to the rain. The dark grey skies certainly didnít entice me to head out for a run. Because I had an appointment this morning in Santo Spirito, I was happy to stay in this morning. I knew that later I would be able to get some fresh air. While I sat at my computer, only an hour later, the rain subsided, which was a little upsetting because I really did want to go for a run.

Living in Florence :: Enjoying the autumnal weather

When I left the house for my appointment, the skies changed again and were a lighter grey. It was sprinkling a little bit, but not enough to open up my umbrella. I held it in my hand just in case it began to rain again, but I was happy that I didnít have to open it.

Tourist season is certainly winding down now. When I crossed the Ponte Vecchio, it was practically empty even though many of the shops were already open. Besides running across it early in the morning, I havenít ventured through the crowds on the Ponte Vecchio in a while.

On my way back from my appointment, I walked down via Maggio, across Ponte Santa Trinita and along the narrow sidewalk above the Arno. The sky began to open up and showed off some blue patches, so I was happy to take a few photos. I never get tired of taking pictures of my beloved city.

With less crowded streets, the city looks quieter as well and feels more serene. Cars and motorini (scooters) still whiz by me, but there seem to be less of them than usual. Strangely enough while I walked down the lungarno (street along the Arno), only a couple of cars even passed by.

I walked past our place to Ponte alle Grazie to take some pictures from the ponte (bridge). The view I captured is one of my favorites and certainly shows off the wonderful changes happening around town.

I love the season we are in now with all of its transformations. The weather is a little fickle with rain one moment and sun the next, but I like it anyway. Without ever knowing what to expect, the days donít end up melting into the next one like they sometimes do in winter.

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