Rain, rain, and maybe more rain

After four days of rainy days, the sun is finally out this morning. A few dark grey clouds scattered in the sky, but the sun is shining where it can. For the past few days, the sun has only peeked out a few times just to remind us that it is just behind the large blanket of clouds. The sky looked as if it turned color because the outlines of the clouds was virtually invisible.

The rain changes the city. The stone streets are slick and look shiny and clean. Leaves are forced to the ground by the weight of the rain drops falling from the sky, and are plastered on the sidewalk. The level of water in the Arno is much higher. I love watching the light brown water swirling around.

It seems as though fewer people walk around outside when it rains. When Iíve gone outside, the streets were emptier than usual. Even the piazze had fewer tourists navigating them. Those who can avoid going out when it rains, do. Even I try to stay in when itís raining. When I do go out, I have to watch for puddles in the streets as well as people walking toward me with colorful ombrelli (umbrellas).

The one thing I do love about all this rain, besides the Arno being more full, is the cleaner air. Somehow the water seems to take away all the odors and leave a freshness lingering. The air seems crisper to me, and I enjoy breathing it in deeply.

Iím happy to see the sun out today although I still have to pack my ombrello just in case the rain decides to start up again. With autumn still happening all around, the trees are continuing to change colors. I canít wait to go back outside to take some photos. The city may seem less vibrant right now, but it is still evolving and preparing itself for winter.

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