A quieter city

This morning when I looked out at the Arno, the sky was a blanket of light grey. I heard on the meteo (weather forecast) that it would rain in the early afternoon, so I decided to go for a short walk before it started. I love taking some time to just stroll the streets and look around without running any errands or having to be somewhere specific.

Living in Florence :: A quieter city

Right before lunch, I walked along the Arno toward Ponte Vecchio. When I arrived, I was surprised how few people were on the ponte. There were so few people that I even took a photo of Celliniís statue in the middle of the Ponte Vecchio with no one around it. I donít think Iíve even been able to do that since Iíve lived here. Iíve seen it empty early in the morning when I run by it, but I had never snapped a photo of it before.

I walked up to Ponte Santa Trinita and only crossed paths with one person walking on the sidewalk. The air was cool and misty. I wondered if the meteo could be wrong and the snow they predicted for this weekend would come early. But they werenít wrong, it eventually did rain later in the day, just as predicted.

I stood on Ponte Santa Trinita admiring the Ponte Vecchio in one direction and the Arno with its other ponti in the other direction. I didnít stay long because I saw something I wanted to take a photo of.

I saw the statue of ďSpringĒ on the Ponte Santa Trinita lined up with the statue of Santa Trinita. There was something about the two statues together that touched me, and had to take a photo of it. When I got home to look at my photo on the computer, I noticed all the textures and colors present.

I love strolling around Florence especially this time of year when there are so few people around. I feel that finally I can claim the city as my own again until Easter when Iíll have to start sharing it again.

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