Loving a sunny day

After a foggy day on Wednesday, today the skies were completely cleared. When I saw the weather outside, I couldnít wait to walk along the Arno today at noon to go to an appointment in via dei Serragli. The Arno these days is a cool green. Itís so hypnotic that I enjoy staring into it when I can because it brings me much serenity and joy. While I walked along the Arno, I kept glancing at it to see the light shimmering, the birds floating on its surface, and the muddled reflections.

Living in Florence :: Loving a sunny day

The streets are noticeably quieter these days. Itís almost odd to walk down streets and not bump into anyone. When I crossed paths with one tour group of about twenty people, it was almost overwhelming to see so many people at once.

Since I was running a little late, I didnít take any photos on the way there, but I did keep a mental note of what I wanted to take a picture of. On my way home, however, I took my time. I meandered a little bit and slowly crossed the ponte (bridge) and stared out at the city.

I took this photo from the Ponte alla Carraia. I loved the view so much that I had to snap a photo. I love how I can see so much in the photo: the lampposts lined up along the low brick wall, the empty lungarno (street along the Arno), Ponte Santa Trinita, Ponte Vecchio, and David (up in the Piazzale Michelangiolo) in the distance.

Itís a true joy to stroll the streets on a sunny winter day in Florence. With less people around, I feel the city is calmer. Even the river transmits peace. Itís hard not to enjoy the city at this time of year. And when itís not rainy or snowing, itís always a great opportunity for me to enjoy my beloved city and capture more of its beauty.

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