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Before I left Florence on Sunday, I was a little sad. However, I was excited to return to Paris for work for almost two weeks. I hadnít been to Paris since 2007 and hadnít lived there since 1995. I was eager to see how Paris had changed and dive into its splendor. When the taxi driver drove me through the city to get to the apartment, I couldnít help but be reminded of my life here many years ago.

Living in Florence :: In Paris for work

It is odd for me to be living in another city, especially one where I lived before, for an extended period of time. My marito (husband) didnít come with me since I knew I wouldnít have much free time during my extended stay in Paris.

The first thing I did when I arrived was walk one short block to see the Eiffel Tower. I took this photo in the early in the evening after I arrived. I can see the top of the Eiffel Tower from the apartment Iím renting, but I wanted to see it in its entirety.

Every morning this week I took the mťtro to get to work. I love taking the mťtro because it takes me across town so quickly and efficiently. I know that all the other people on the mťtro donít find it quite as fascinating as I do. And, I know that when I lived in Paris, it was just a means of transportation and sometimes a hassle.

My greatest pleasure in Paris has been seeing many of my friends and colleagues. I lived in Paris over five years and I loved it. There were some lonely times initially, but I honestly never thought I would leave. It was my first home away from California, and I now know that I still carry it in my heart.

I am staying a few more days to work before I head back to Florence. My beloved city is always in the back of my mind, but Iím not letting it get in the way of my enjoying my time here in Paris.

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