Florence is like the Arno

As my plane flew over Tuscany before landing in Florence, the terrain below appeared to be pieced together like a puzzle, fitting together perfectly. I looked out at the area surrounding Florence and was happy to see the terracotta roofs on the low buildings. I loved my stay in Paris even though I saw so little of it, but I did enjoy the energy of the city. Even though I was a little nostalgic leaving Paris, I was suddenly happy to be back in my beloved city.

I thought that I would run around the city yesterday to see all my favorite places, but in the end, I didnít go out. I preferred peering out our window to see the Arno. Looking at it, I realized that I missed it more than anything else.

When I was in Paris, I saw the Seine a couple of times, but only when I was in a car. I didnít get to hear the water rushing or ponder it as I wouldíve preferred.

Each city has a different energy, which is similar to its river. Paris is like the Seine: fast-moving, going far and wide. And Florence is like the Arno: ever-changing, colorful, and soulful.

On my walk this morning up to the Piazzale Michelangiolo, I enjoyed seeing the monuments, but truly loved seeing the low hills in the distance and, of course, the Arno. Its jade green color reflected the pastel-colored buildings along it.

Iím happy to be in Florence again, not just because of my marito (husband), his family, and my friends, but because I feel a resonance with my beloved city. Its as if I too am like the Arno, transported by my emotions and led by my heart.

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