Balancing head and heart

After being in Paris almost two weeks, I have realized some things are different for me here. When I'm in Paris, I tend to make choices with my head; however when I知 in Florence, I tend to make them with my heart. I try to always choose what feels right to me, which may of course not always be logical, but when I知 in Paris I feel as if I can cut through my emotions more. I wonder if they are just clearer when I知 in Paris or if they are fewer.

After living in Florence now for many years, I have gotten into the habit of checking in with how I feel before making a decision. I think that I am influenced by the culture of the city in which I live. I believe that people in Florence (and maybe even in Italy) value emotions. Florentines often say, Non mi va, which means 的 don稚 feel like it, and never requires an explanation. People generally accept that as a response.

I feel that Paris gives me the logic to clearly explain my emotions. When I moved to Paris in my twenties, I learned to stand up for myself, including owning my feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

Returning to Paris now for extended periods of time has certainly helped me find my own balance. My logical side comes to the surface in Paris while it is a bit dormant in Florence. I always check in with myself before making any decision in both places, but in Paris I feel as if I am able to pick one out of those flowing through me. I wonder if maybe that is what my logical mind is like: based in emotion, but still clear in both heart and head.

These past few weeks in Paris have helped me to find my unique balance between my logical side and my emotional side. Florence has encouraged me to become more in tune with my emotions while Paris nudges me to be more logical. I do like both; however, I thought I had to pick one to live by completely. Now, however, I realize that I can attain a harmonious balance in my life by following both my head and my heart, in the right degree depending on the situation.

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