Spring has arrived in Paris

Spring has finally arrived in Paris today. My marito (husband) told me that spring arrived last week in Florence. I was jealous when he said the sun was shining brightly because when I looked out the windows, the skies here in Paris were grey. The temperatures finally rose enough today to reach the mid 70s (20s in Celsius) that we opened the windows in our office for the first time.

When I exited the mtro at Les Invalides, people were sitting on the grass in small groups and couples. The sun was glaring in my eyes as I looked up toward the Eiffel Tower walking down the street to go home.

With the sun still out after 8pm, I too wanted to stay out and sit on the grass. The air was still warm and the sun instantly cheered me up. As I looked around me, I wondered what Florence was like today too.

Spring in Paris is world-renowned. Not just because the temperatures are mild or that the sun is shining, but for how beautiful the city looks and feels. The grey skies dont show off the city the way the sun does. And maybe that is why spring in Paris is anticipated and highly revered.

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