Forging ahead

When I woke up this morning I visualized myself at the top of Piazzale Michelangiolo looking down at the city. I hadnít gone up there in a couple of weeks ago because Iíve been running more than taking long walks. Because I havenít run in salita (incline) in a long time, I wasnít sure I could do it. I put the idea of seeing the city from the piazzale when I was running across Ponte alle Grazie, but wasnít sure I was going to run up there.

It wasnít until I turned up the Viale Michelangiolo that I knew I was really going to attempt to run up to the piazzale. With each step forward, I kept thinking of the view and how I couldnít wait to see it.

A few times along the trail, I wasnít sure that I could keep up my pace and reach the piazzale. I thought about walking a couple of times, but I really wanted to continue running. Physically, I knew I could run the entire way if I just set my mind to it. Itís always the head that is the first to doubt.

I imagined that my run was like the race I feel to achieve my dreams. I can see them actualized in the future, but have to keep my head down and move forward. At times, like on my run today, I get a few glimpses of just how far I am from my goal, and I just have to persevere.

I kept thinking to myself, ďOne step at a time. Just one step at a time.Ē Sometimes my dreams seem so far away, but I need to remember that each day is a step toward achieving them. Even if I canít see the finish line, itís there and Iím making my way to it every day.

That vision of myself looking out at the city from the piazzale is what kept me trekking up that salita. Once I arrived above the campeggio (campground) and could see the Duomo and some of the city below, I knew that I was close. Reaching that point only inspired me to pick up my pace to get to the piazzale quicker.

I was ecstatic when I reached the piazzale. With only a handful of people milling around, I walked to the railing and looked out at the city. The cool air surrounding me, the city just waking up, and an airplane landing in the distance. I looked down at where I started earlier and felt a sense of great accomplishment. I wasnít sure that my visualization this morning would become a reality, but it did. Not only did I feel good about it, but also it inspired me to forge ahead with my dreams and never give up.

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