Happy to have returned to Florence

I returned from the US this afternoon and was happy to be back in my beloved city. While my plane was landing in Florence, I looked out the window of the airplane and felt my heart melt when I saw the Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio in the distance. I saw the glistening water in the Arno snake through the city. Itís not just the beauty of the city that I love, but the energy the city consistently emits. I feel its steady flow of love and courage.

I always love my time in the States and am always sad that it goes by so quickly. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends as well as traveling around a little bit.

Even though my life in Florence seemed like a distant memory during my time in California, I could feel my beloved city tugging at me nonetheless. I couldnít explain why I love living in Florence more than anywhere else, but the desire to be here is strong. Florence is like a piece in my puzzle that fits without forcing it in place. It may not make sense, but it certainly feels right.

I am not only honored to live in Florence, but am also appreciative for all the gifts the city is constantly delivering to me. No matter how pleasant life is in the US, I never feel the same energy that I do in Florence. Itís as if all the love I pour into the city just comes right back to me. And that, I have discovered is a gift you donít overlook.

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