Solstizio d'estate

For the solstizio d’estate (summer solstice), I took a walk around centro (downtown) to enjoy the longest day of the year. At 7pm, the sun was still quite high in the sky, and was setting slowly. The streets were busy even though the shops were closing. Many people were sitting on the terrazze (terraces) of the bars and restaurants in Piazza della Signoria. This evening was the perfect one to enjoy the warm air and brilliant sun.

Living in Florence :: Solstizio d'estate

I walked through Piazza della Repubblica and then down via degli Strozzi. The city is enduring a big transformation right because they are making via Tornabuoni pedonale (pedestrian). Many streets are changing directions and the flow of traffic is being modified substantially.

I stood at via dei Vecchietti where the new signs are still covered. I read that they were going to change everything at 8pm. I was there at the appointed time for a quarter of an hour and nothing changed. I was a little disappointed, but I had other things I wanted to do.

I walked down via degli Strozzi to via Tornabuoni and was struck by the mist billowing out of the terrazza at Café Giacosa. I took a photo of it and immediately published it on Instagram.

I continued down via Tornabuoni and headed to Ponte Santa Trinita. I watched the sun as it slowly set. With each passing minute, the colors became warmer and the city glowed. I took a photo of the lungarno Corsini even though I could barely look down it because of the sun. Only a few minutes later, I took another photo of the Summer statue on the Ponte Santa Trinita.

I stood on the Ponte Santa Trinita enjoying the sun as it transformed the city by making it even more beautiful. I was happy to take a few photos for people who asked me. I too wouldn’t have wanted to miss the opportunity of having my photo taken with the Ponte Vecchio in the background.

With the sun setting north of the river, I decided to walk to Ponte alle Grazie. I thought I could watch it set better behind the city and get a good look at Ponte Vecchio too. The picture I posted here isn’t great quality since I took it from my iPhone, but I was happy to catch the sun before it disappeared for the day.

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