Lovely surprise

This morning, I wasnít in the mood to go for a run. Instead, I went for a walk up viale Michelangiolo to my favorite piazzale (large piazza). I havenít been up there in a while and missed the view of my beloved city. Before taking off, I grabbed my iPhone because I thought Iíd take a few candid shots of the path I go up. I didnít want to bring my macchina fotografica (camera) because I didn't want to be weighed down by it.

The cool air caressed my face as I walked across Ponte alle Grazie. I wasnít sure how warm it was going to get today, but it felt cooler than earlier this week. While most people were walking toward town in the direction of the Ponte Vecchio, I was walking away from it.

Only a few people were walking up viale Michelangiolo, so it was very quiet. I contemplated the leafy trees and voluminous bushes surrounding me. I took a few foto (photos) along the way, but was really looking forward to taking a couple once I arrived at the piazzale.

I only took a few foto because I was considering publishing them on Instagram. I continued down the scale (stairs) that lead to San NiccolÚ. While I walked past the gates of the Giardino delle Rose (Rose Garden), a young man walked out, looked around, and headed back in. I went down a few more steps and then stopped. I thought the gidardino was closed again this year for maintenance. I couldíve sworn there was a sign the last time I walked down the scale stating that it would be closed again.

I walked back up a couple of steps and peeked inside. People were either wandering around the giardino or sitting on benches. I was so happy that I had my iPhone with me so I could snap a couple of foto.

I strolled down the gravel paths admiring the rose (roses), the prato (grass), and the veduta (view) of the city. There werenít as many rose as I've seen in the past, but I took photos of all the ones that grabbed my attention.

I took a photo that I shared on Instagram as soon as I got home. I recently decided to take more photos that Iíll be posting this way when I donít have my macchina fotografica. Itís such a convenient way to quickly and creatively share them with everyone. I am posting them directly on my blogís FaceBook page, so at times there wonít be a blog entry to go with it.

Iím so happy that I brought my iPhone with me this morning. I wouldíve been disappointed had I not been able to take a photo of the Duomo from the giardino. It was such a lovely surprise that I was also able to cherish even after I walked through the iron gate at the bottom of the giardino.

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